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Precision Extrusion For Thin-Walled Catheter Manufacturing

Thin-walled catheters are a requirement of many minimally invasive cardiovascular, neurovascular, and endovascular procedures.

Catheters are used in a wide range of minimally invasive procedures as a tool for transporting treatments and therapies through small vasculatures to difficult-to reach areas of the body such as the lower leg or brain.

Co-Extruded Tubing : An Important Component Of The Fluid Outlet In Drug Delivery

Complex requirements, user-friendly solutions

Process engineering knowhow and materials expertise are crucial to any project from the beginning. For the past two years, Daniel Mielert has led a team of eight in customer drugdelivery projects, an important market for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, in part because more than 537 million people worldwide now suffer from diabetes.

Green Initiative: Project To Reduce Plastic Waste In Dialysis Units Proves Highly Successful

There has been growing interest in finding ways to deliver health care in more sustainable ways, including reducing the amount of plastic waste associated with dialysis. In line with this goal, two dialysis units in BC sought to investigate how interventions (e.g., education, increasing the number of recycling bins available) could impact recycling practices among staff. The results show that these easy-to-implement interventions could divert hundreds of bags of plastic waste from the landfill each year.