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An Information Resource for the Medical Technology Industry And Markets In Asia An authentic portal site on medical technology and markets in Asia aimed at creating a virtual techno-commercial information resource for medical devices/equipments manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, vendors to the medical and pharma companies, marketing companies and users including hospitals and medical professionals . The web site is interlinked with another portal sites, .


Both the sites are promoted by Classic Computer Services, publishers of  Medical Plastics Data Service , a magazine for the same industry and medical profession being published since last seven years with Mr. D.L.Pandya as Editor & CEO. It is the only publication of its kind in India.

The various services and links offered to the medical technology , medical devices/equipments and pharmaceutical industries offered through this unique web site are described herewith. , the first B2B web site in Asia fulfilling the needs of the medical technology industry and profession through various services that include the following :

medisourceasia tradefair

The medisourceasia tradefair and Forum is a website which is of value to those who have interest in Medical Disposables, Medical Equipments, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics & Laboratory Products as well as Raw Materials/Components /Machineries / Packaging/ Services and Technology Providers to these industries. 

It brings together the end users/consumers as well as manufacturers / suppliers / exporters / importers of all these industries.

Acting as a gateway for the industry medisourceasia tradefair  provides a virtual village in which you can find valued information, interact and ultimately do business.

Following categories of companies can  REGISTER TO-DAY WITH MEDISOURCE ASIA TRADE  FAIR

Electro-medical   Equipments / Medical Technology (275 Companies) 

Laboratory Equipment (70 Companies)

Rescue and emergency equipment Diagnostics  (34 Companies)

Drugs  & Pharmaceuticals  (108 Companies)

Physiotherapy  / Orthopaedic Technology  (11 Companies)

Medical Disposables and consumables for surgeries and hospitals  (372 Companies)

Information and Communication Technology  (24 Companies)

Facility Management (7 Companies) 

Fabrics (4 Companies)

Medical Equipments and Furniture  (215 Companies)

Premises and Building Technology (4 Companies) 

Publications and other Services  (51 Companies)

Raw Materials / Sub-assemblies  (55 Companies)

Processing and Treatments  (16 Companies)

Manufacturing Equipments and Technology For Medical Device (55 Companies)

Components / Sub-assemblies for Medical Devices (45 Companies)

Packaging and Printing (33 Companies)

Services For Manufacturing of Medical Devices (37 Companies)


Are you looking to buy or sell new or used healthcare products? or Services or Medical Devices / Equipments related technologies in India / Asia or Looking for joint venture opportunities, or simply looking for contacts in the 
Asian Medical Devices / Healthcare industry? 

Our networking notices are not only continuously updated but also included in our frequent e-mail updates sent regularly to thousands of national and international companies.

We invite you to benefit from
Free Networking Registration facility on our site.


The medisourceasia career centre is focused on bringing together employers  and employees in Indian Medical Device / Equipment industry. If you are offering positions in your company or would simply like to be kept informed of  CV registrations, why not use this forum to register as an employer. 

And If you are looking for a job in Indian Medical Device / Equipment industry or would simply like to be kept informed of positions on offer then e-mail to  .

Medisourceasia will facilitate the growth on this careers resource for the benefit for those looking to recruit and be recruited. Each CV that is registered on this site will not only be posted on this.


Events calendar highlight major medical industry related trade fairs  which also includes trade fairs for Medical Devices/Equipments, Medical  Technology , Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Manufacturing Raw  Materials, Components and Machineries etc.

If you would like to include an event on this calendar or get more details on event sponsorship please e-mail all the relevant details to e-mail :  .

INDUSTRY NEWS continuously highlights techno-commercial news  related to Medical Technology and Markets.


Product Gallery highlights a number of medical products with important features, photograph and contact address of the manufacturer/supplier.


Includes latest market trends in the global medical technology industry. It  also has links to Global Technology News linked to the "Alta Vista" site being updated every day with about 6 to 8 options related to the medical technology industry. 


The web sites are linked to the web sites of a number of international search engines, industry associations, research organizations , publications and information sources of interest to medical technology industries and professionals.


For your information, the web sites are very exhaustively marketed not only in India but also globally through various promotional activities.

  • We send e-mail Newsletters to more than 10,000 national and international companies every fortnight, highlighting Industry News, New Registrations, Trade & Technology Leads, Product Gallery, Technology updates, Events etc.

  • We publish advertisements about our web sites in number of publications.

  • Our web sites are registered in the major Internet search engines.

  • We participate in many National and International Medical Technology Trade shows held in India, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East etc.

  • We organize conferences related to Medical Plastics / Devices Industry in association with leading Institutions / Associations.
  • We identify and update our mailing lists continuously by locating more and more medical technology and trade related companies from Internet, international trade directories, publications etc.

  • The various services and links offered to the medical technology, medical devices / equipments and pharmaceutical industries offered through this unique web sites are described herewith.

Editor & CEO

Mr. D. L. Pandya is a Graduate in Chemical Engineering with specialisation in Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals with Post Graduation in Industrial Engineering & Materials Management. Mr Pandya has been associated with Medical Devices and Equipment Industry since last 30 years  through various professional activities and has been closely interacting with International Medical Technology and Medical Manufacturing Companies  He has edited number of publications related to Plastics and Medical Plastics/Devices industries. He is also involved  with number of Plastics Engineering , Training and Academic Institutes.    He has visited various countries in Asia , Europe, US and Africa for professional assignments. He is also an active member of various trade and industry associations.He can be contacted at E-Mail : .

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