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About India’s Success In Developing Its Own Health Related Technologies


“From an innovations perspective, Asia is currently leading the way, and it is not just India, China, Japan, and Taiwan, but also economies like Indonesia and Malaysia that are taking the lead. Asia is definitely seeing capital inflows, higher growth rates, more stable governments, and an improving education system. All of these are foundations of a desire and ability to create and innovate. Further, as Asia becomes more prosperous, inequity and inefficiencies in healthcare are becoming clearer, and people are becoming less tolerant of them. This drives policy makers, technology developers, and the healthcare industry to focus on innovation.


The Planning Commission in India has declared that the next five years will see maximum focus on the healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Health technologies lie right at the intersection of these two focus areas. I feel very bullish about the prospects of Asian-style innovation leading health technologies into the new generation.”


(Abstracts from an Interview with “Kanav Kahol, PhD, Director of the Division of Affordable Health Technologies at the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) as published by” The National Bureau Of Asian Research (NBR) – Centre for Health And Aging)


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