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About UHMwPE fibers


- One Of The Most Recent Advances In Biomedical Materials


UHMwPE fibers are one of the most recent advances in biomedical materials, and they are proving effective in moving implants beyond the limitations of more traditional orthopedic fibers and sutures. Conventional fibers such as polyesters, polypropylene, or nylon have a moderate strength and show a fairly large stretch (elongation) before they ultimately break. UHMwPE fibers are the opposite - the strength is much higher. The fibers on a weight basis are more than 10 times as strong as steel, and a braid or suture made from this fiber has the potential to be twice as strong as a comparable polyester product. At the same time, the elongation is hardly noticeable - when ultimately reaching the breaking strength, the elongation is just about 3%. This specific factor supports new approaches. For instance, the fibers are used in modern ligament fixations where the very low stretch results in a very rigid fixation, improving the chance for fast re-adhesion of the torn ligaments back to the bone.


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