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PU Dressings Help Wounds To Heal


A wound Dressing is required to have following capabilities :

  • Control of water loss through evaporation

  • Inhibition of body fluid loss

  • Promotion of drainage and prevention of exudates build up

  • Protection from external contamination

  • Sufficient bacterial effect to inhibit infection and preparation of an optimum wound be for autografting

Polyurethanes have wide applications because of advantages in synthesizing with various polymer materials having different mechanical and physical properties due to polyol and diisocyanate used in synthesis.


Dressings based on polyurethane foams with a specific combination of properties can be combined with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films which are water-vapour permeable and allow the wound to breathe.


These wound dressings have high mechanical strength, flexibility and biocompatibility. They absorb aqueous fluids like wound secretions quickly before they can escape, and do so without the foams expanding.


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