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Global Forum On Medical Devices Held In
Visakhapatnam @ AMTZ

Developing global standards on essential devices and ensuring their adherence is still some way off.

The theme of the 4th World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Forum on Medical Devices (GFMD) was “increasing access to medical devices”. Why should access to devices matter? Because as of 2008, in the 60th World Health Assembly, a resolution was passed recognising the importance of medical devices for healthcare delivery, responding to emergencies and keeping populations safe.

The 4th Global Forum on Medical Devices was dedicated to precisely this – the roadmap to develop standards, regulatory framework and increase access. Organised in Vishakhapatnam, at the Andhra Med Tech Zone (AMTZ), from December 13 to 15, it was attended by 100 countries and curated by the WHO’s Essential Medicines and Health Products division, which leads this work globally.

Below are some highlights from the forum.

  • Preparing to deliver essential diagnostics

  • Setting technical specifications

  • Medical device donation and ethics

  • Absence of adequate NGOs/Civil Society coalitions

  • Complete silence on knowledge transfer and technology transfer