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About Innovations and Techniques in Medical Tubing Manufacturing


Different processing options have led to ground-breaking ways of producing tubing in order to optimize the performance and usability of medical devices. It helps to improve patientsí quality of life with better function and integrity, and by enabling the incorporation of APIs.


Some of such Tubing technologies include the following:

  • High-precision, microextrusion, and thin-walled tubing for minimally invasive surgical devices.

  • Platinum-cured silicone for use in implants.

  • Multi component extrusion featuring radiopaque stripes for visibility in an x-ray or fluoroscope.

  • Reinforced and kink-resistant tubing used to keep fluid paths open.

  • Extruded ribbon and film used in diaphragms to support seals in devices such as pacemaker generator housings.

  • Jacketed wires and cables used to power implantable heart pumps.

  • Twisted extrusions for applications in which implanted power or sensing cables require strain relief from repeated flexing and bending, as with pacemaker leads.

  • Custom profiles used to seal housing assemblies and repair heart valves.

  • Bump tubing applied to plastics and elastomers, including silicone.

  • Bonded or overmolded stops typically added to peristaltic pumps for infusion, internal feeding, laboratory equipment, diagnostic equipment, and fluid transfer.

  • Formed extrusions used to fit tortuous anatomy or spiral shapes that might be used to soften contact within the bladder.

  • Multilumen extrusion for catheters, electric medical devices, analytical equipment, fluid transfer, drug delivery, and medical instrumentation.

  • Geometric transitioning extrusion applied to custom applications with precision tolerances.

  • Geometric transitioning single lumen for custom-end assemblies, such as accommodation of connectors, fittings, and peristaltic pumps.

  • Drug-eluting silicone extrusions that help prevent infection.

  • Foam extrusion that provide additional cushion space.

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