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About Health Technology Assessment & Management


Health technology assessment


Health technology assessment (HTA) refers to the systematic evaluation of properties, effects, and/or impacts of health technology. It is a multidisciplinary process to evaluate the social, economic, organizational and ethical issues of a health intervention or health technology. The main purpose of conducting an assessment is to inform a policy decision making.


Considering the definition of health technology, as the application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of medicines, medical devices, vaccines, procedures and systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of life.


Management and use


To ensure access to appropriate medical devices, proper management and use of medical equipment must be considered. This area is often referred to as clinical engineering or health-care technology management. The management process begins with understanding the needs of the country, region, community, or facility and ends with decommissioning. In between, the process consists of good procurement practices, appropriate donation solicitation and provision, logistics of delivery and installation, inventory management, maintenance, safe use and training, and measurement of clinical effectiveness.


WHO recognizes the importance of medical device management in contributing to the provision of quality health care and thus, under the Global Initiative on Health Technologies began developing tools and resources for Member States in this critical area.


( Ref : WHO | WHO Technical Specification for Medical Devices ).

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