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In the US, the Manufacture of Medical Devices and Supplies Includes 12,000 Companies with Combined Annual Revenue of about $50 Billion

Research and Markets ( reports/c34699) has announced the addition of Medical Supplies and Devices - Industry Profile to their offering.

In the US, the manufacture of medical devices and supplies includes 12,000 companies with combined annual revenue of about $50 billion. Large manufacturers include Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific. The industry is generally fragmented, with the largest 50 companies holding less than 60 percent of the market, but concentration can be high within industry segments.

Demand is driven by population demographics and advances in medical knowledge and technology. The profitability of individual companies depends on the ability to develop superior products. Large companies have economies of scale in manufacturing and research and development (R&D). Small companies can compete successfully by specializing in a particular market segment, or through technical innovation. Annual revenue per employee is about $200,000.

Major product segments are general medical supplies; surgical instruments; therapeutic devices such as stents, artificial joints, and pacemakers; and diagnostic equipment. Low-cost manufacturing efficiency is the main concern of companies that make low-technology products like latex gloves, tape, gauze sponges, and syringes. Technological innovation is the main feature of companies that produce diagnostic and therapeutic devices and instruments, derived from the explosive development of medical knowledge and treatment during the last decade.

The industry reflects the highly specialized medical treatments recently made available. Most medical device manufacturers specialize in one area of medicine and sometimes in just one type of treatment. EP Medsystems, for example, makes only devices that treat atrial fibrillation.

These easy-to-use, quarterly industry profiles provide you with the industry analysis you need to better understand any particular business. They synthesize information from hundreds of sources into an easy to digest format, giving you invaluable information about your target market, highlighting critical industry statistics and issues, changes that have taken place since the last quarterly update and key concerns that can have negative or positive impacts on investments. Utilizing the financial and forecasting data while simultaneously learning from educational business overviews can help you and your customers plan more effectively and invest wisely.

These industry reports will educate your sales team on critical industry trends in target markets, empowering them to create more strategic proposals. These industry reports are also essential for professional organizations that want make savvy, educated business decisions.

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