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Russia : Medical Equipment Market Overview 

In the last three years the Russian medical equipment and devices market has shown substantial and steady growth with annual rates exceeding 10 per cent. The total volume of the market is estimated at approximately $ 1 billion. 

Imported medical equipment and supplies still play a predominant role and currently supply 71 per cent of the total market. Despite the fact that the quality of some of the medical devices and supplies produced in Russia is highly improved, it is in many cases not up to comparable foreign products. Foreign made high end medical equipment, sophisticated medical devices and many medical products and supplies in the majority of cases do not have Russian analogs.

The United States is the second leading supplier of medical equipment to the Russian market after Germany. Other important suppliers include Japan, Italy and France. 

Russia still does not have a developed legislative basis for the medical device and equipment market. There are a number of regulatory documents, including orders and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, regulating different aspects of the licensing, registration and certification processes. However, the state registration, licensing and certification processes need to be reformed to become less lengthy and expensive and more transparent. This report focuses on the following major product lines: electro medical equipment; surgical and diagnostic instruments and apparatus; infusion and transfusion equipment; clinical laboratory equipment and supplies; ophthalmology equipment and instruments; endoscopes and laser instruments; orthopedic equipment; wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment and summary.


According to the medical industry analysts' estimate, the total volume of the Russian medical equipment market in 2001 was about 1 billion dollars. The total market growth rates for the last three years have exceeded 10 percent annual growth rates for the last three years have exceeded 10 percent annual growth. Medical industry analysts predict steady growth of the market for the next five years.

In the last three years due to a sharp increase in price for imported goods as a result of the 1998 economic crisis local manufacturers were able to increase their share in a number of market segments, including electrocardiographs, patient monitors, X-ray devices, anesthesia and pulmonary equipment, ultrasound scanners, devices and instruments for endoscopy and laparoscopy as well as electro surgical instruments. Stronger positions were also achieved in home healthcare products, orthopedic devices, ophthalmic products, test kits, polymeric and glass medical products, disposable syringes and others disposables. 





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