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Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

Management Services

Corporate Background :

MNE Technologies is the only Asian group of companies solely dedicated to providing integrated biomedical equipment maintenance and management. The group's primary focus is on the implementation of cost effective and timely maintenance programs for healthcare organizations and institutions. This is to ensure better quality of healthcare services and higher yields through effective equipment integration.

In the process, MNE aims to develop a truly dedicated team of clinical and biomedical engineers to meet the growing demand for an extremely high quality of engineering services by the healthcare industry. This remains one of the key objectives of the company adding value and quality globally with renowned organizations to ensure its world - class standards.

MNE has carved a niche for itself since its inception in 2000 with an approach to engineering service management. This is manifested through MNE array of distinctive service packages tailored to specific needs of its customers.

Quality Policy :

  • MNE Technologies Private Limited Is Committed To Provide Cost Effective Engineering Support Services To Health Care.

  • Facilities With High Levels Of Consistency And Reliability.

  • Provision Of Value Added Professional Services.

  • Always Meeting Regulatory & Customer Requirements.

  • Continual Improvement In The Effectiveness Of Quality Management System.

Our Vision :

  • "Our business is to provide cost effective asset maintenance and management services to the healthcare industry."

  • "Our objective is to be the industry leader in this field and meet customer requirements all the time.

Corporate Philosophy :

"We will conduct our business at all times in an ethical, lawful and socially responsible manner". We will provide a climate in which our employees can realize their fullest potential. Ensure that employment with the MNE Technologies can be a mutually beneficial experience for both the individual and organization."

Our Resources :

"MNE Technologies have gone to great lengths to ensure that we have both the infrastructure and technical know-how to meet Developed Computerized Maintenance and Management Information System (CMMIS) to provide a comprehensive asset tracking mechanism."

MNE Technologies resources include :

  • An in house team of over 250 experienced multi modality trained engineers and technicians.

  • Hands on experience of supporting over 150000 preventive maintenance and breakdown service calls for over 40,000 equipment of various types and models.

  • Effective user training modules and programs covering a wide array of life support equipment.

  • Developed Computerized Maintenance and Management Information System (CMMIS) to provide a comprehensive asset tracking mechanism.

  • A wide network of suppliers and vendors to ensure timely and cost effective support of equipment parts.

  • A rapidly expanding library of service and operation manuals of different equipment types, makes and models.

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality Assurance program focusing performance improvement.

  • Continuous professional training program for the technical staff. MNE is spending consideration efforts in the development of e-training modules which have a greater reach to field staff at remote locations.

  • Affiliations with educational institutions in Malaysia and India to support their biomedical engineering degree programs and to support development and training of engineering professionals.

  • Investments in specialized calibration and equipment (PCB component level) repair workshops.

  • Investment in tele-maintenance to provide skilled support to workshops in remote locations.

  • Pipette calibration Laboratory.

  • One time testing and calibration services for biomedical equipments.

  • Testing and Calibration Equipment solutions from Dale Technology, USA.

  • Hospital Infrastructure Development and Clean Room Solutions from Johnson Medical, Malaysia.

One Stop Repair Solutions For All Your Dental Hand Pieces & Dental Chairs

  • Air Rotors
  • Straight and Contrangle Hand Pieces
  • Ultrasonic Scalers
  • Air Scalers
  • Clinical Micromotors
  • Air Motors
  • Laboratory Hand Pieces
  • Endodontic Hand Pieces
  • Surgical and Implant micro motors
  • Multi way syringes (3-way/6-way) etc.
  • Dental Chair Systems and Accessories (Kavo, J-Morita, Chirana, Belmount, Seimens,Confident etc.)

  • Amalgamators (Degussa, Deomat, Myxalloy etc.)

  • Welder Units (Dentaurum, Flimanfredi etc.)

  • Table top Autoclaves (Stoma, GD, Prestige, Statim, Kavo, Confident etc.)

  • Ultrosonic Scalers (Satelec, EMS, NSK, Larie, Bobcat, Dentsply,Kavo etc.)

  • Light Cure Units (Dentsply, 3M, GD, Satelec etc.)

  • Compressor (Cattani, Werther, Kavo, Durr, Ingorsol etc.)

  • Portable Micro Motors (Satelec, GD,Kavo,Royal Hand Engine, NSK, Chiyoda, Marathon, Mighty etc.)

  • Portable Suction Motors (Cattani, Durr etc.)

  • Dental X-Ray (Chirana, J-Morita, Satelec, Newlife Radiology, Fiad, Planlmaca, Philips, Siemens)

  • OPG X-Ray Unit (J-Morita, Planmaca, Chirana,Villa, Trophy etc.)

  • Lab Equipments (Polishers, Sandblasters, Micromotors, Casting Unit, Ceramic/Porcelene Furnaces, Hydro solders, Burnout furnace, Trimmers, Pressure Moulding Machine etc.)



Testing & Calibration

  • Total solution under one roof

  • Onsite testing and calibration Service

  • ISO 9001: 2000 Accredited

  • ECRI Accredited

  • Tagging of equipments with calibration status and due date

  • Database of calibration where appropriate

  • Recognized by Quality Assurance Company's

  • Testing and Calibration equipments traceable to national and international standards

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